Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out of Curiosity...

I have a question.

Every fundamentalist, everyone who uses the Bible as an excuse to hate, everyone who says that the Christian God hates this or that just because they do, everyone who says that Jesus wants them to do awful things to people who they personally disapprove of, and everyone who believes that because they believe something, everyone else should as well...I want them to answer it and answer it well.

I want an answer from anyone who's ever killed in the name of Jesus. I want to hear an explanation from anyone who focuses on Jesus' death rather than what he taught before that, especially if they think that because they believe in him, they are Righteous and Shall Be Saved and can therefore treat any non-Christians, or Christians who aren't from their own denomination, as if they're lower than scum.

Anyone who hates in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Anyone who commits acts of violence in the name of the Christian God. Anyone who clings to their faith to justify their self-righteousness, arrogance and disdain for other people. I want them all to answer this question:

(Image description: hand-drawn picture of a cross with a crown of thorns and "INRI" fastened to the top, and draped with a purple mantle.  The text reads, "What part of love one another do you not understand?")

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