Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some thoughts at the end of 2014

It's been a tough year on the emotional front.  I've had a harder time controlling my depressive tendencies, but I've largely managed to do so; however, I've been neglecting my writing across the board, not just here, and I think that hasn't been doing many favours for me.  I think that in some ways, I need to find my voice again; I've had a tendency to silence myself in recent months, and while that has its place, it's also perhaps not a good thing to do to myself in my own spaces.  If I have a goal for the new year, it will probably be to write more frequently.

That said, this year has also held some wonderful things—especially the week of the Kaleidoscope Gathering, which I hope I'll get to attend again in the coming year.  As upset and frustrated and low as I've been feeling, there have been moments of hope and joy.  I certainly hope that I can find a few more of those in 2015.

As has been my tradition when celebrating the new year alone, I'll be starting a kettle for tea soon.  Earl Grey—that old favourite.  And even if I'm not actually listening to it when midnight strikes, I know that the following song will be on my mind:

Have a great 2015, everyone.  May we all be blessed with love, wisdom, and the will to act with both.