Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Chain Protesting Choice

The annual Life Chain demonstration was held today.  That bullshit like this still happens, even though abortion has been legal in Canada for a long time, is a source of never-ending frustration for me.  And although as a general rule I try to keep a fair and open mind about people, I just can't think well of anti-abortion activists and in the past, I've stated why.

It's not that I dislike the fact that these people have the right to have this opinion, or that they have the right to express it.  What I deeply and thoroughly object to is that their goal is to take away the possibility that a woman might legally make a choice that they personally disapprove of.

As they say, if you disapprove of abortions, don't have one.  Harrassing women who have abortions, publicly protesting their right to have an abortion and condemning them regardless of the reason why they made the decision to have an abortion is just not right.  Whatever their reason for doing it, they deserve better than the condemnation and self-righteous judgement of people who think that their decisions ought to be everyone else's as well.

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