Tuesday, August 3, 2010

*nods head in approval*

I admit that I don't tend to follow current trends in music, pop culture or the like as closely as most people do. It's not that I'm one of those culture-snobs who think that nothing worth seeing/listening to has been invented since 1899; it's just that a lot of my spare time is dedicated to singing various flavours of older music, doing a lot of writing and figuring out how to turn myself into a useful and productive member of society without submitting to the abuses that come with being an inhabitant of Call Centre Hell. If you want information about the latest trends, never ask me.

That said, I've become something of a Lady Gaga fan in recent months. Her music is generally fairly catchy, she's got a decent voice and the lyrics to her songs are generally more clever than what you might expect from a pop/dance artist, especially in recent years. And I freely admit that I like a number of the things she's done in public as well; when she does things like this, I can't help but approve.

Sometimes a boycott is the best possible action—the boycott of certain hotels as a protest in favour of workers' rights comes to mind, and not just because of their partial filk of "Bad Romance"—but in this case, it could easily have been taken as just another missed show. In stating outright that she disapproves, and by perhaps using her show to help make people aware of exactly how harmful Arizona's new immigration law is in spite of the changes that were made to it before it came into effect, I think she's doing a good thing.

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