Sunday, May 16, 2010


What I'm about to write now is probably eventually going to give rise to a lengthy, rambling post about nostalgia and the fear of change, but for now, what I'm going to say is not particularly eloquent. Namely:

Ugh, special vestry meeting. Ugh, people who hold on to nostalgia and fear, rather than opening their minds to the fact that a decision has to be made, or in ten years or less, our church will probably have to close. Ugh, obstructionists who believe that the past (especially the nineteenth century and good old Queen Victoria) is more valuable and relevant than the future of the community that they claim to love so much. Ugh, people who try to derail the meeting so that they can try to push an agenda of their own, even when it means trying to keep a building open that probably won't be structurally sound anymore in five years because it's been basically neglected for the past decade. Ugh, people who have their heads so far up their arses that they don't understand that the point they're drawing out has not only been clarified three or four times already in this particular meeting, but it's been discussed to within an inch of its life at other vestry meetings, and it was in fact resolved at the most recent of those other meetings.

And...hooray, 90% of the people present, who actually managed to make what I think is the right decision for the future of our church, in spite of all the arguments, headaches and nostalgists! :)

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