Thursday, March 18, 2010

This breaks my heart.

Anti-abortion extremists go to Hell

...and once again, a religion that's supposed to be devoted to a God of Love is used as an excuse for anger and hate.

Stop it. Just stop it. If you claim that you want to follow the path laid out by Jesus, don't harrass people going into places where abortions are performed. Don't murder the doctors who perform the abortions. Don't create "WANTED" posters containing the addresses of the doctors' homes or private offices, and don't threaten them. Actions like this are just about as far away from being Christ-like as you can possibly ever get. I'm no Biblical scholar, of course, but the only time I remember Jesus getting well and truly angry was the time he threw the moneylenders out of the Temple. He didn't kill people. He didn't yell at people who did things he disapproved of. He didn't do everything in his power to make their lives miserable. He rebuked them once in awhile, but he never did anything this destructive—this evil.

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus as this trying-to-be-humble Christo-Pagan sees him, and Jesus as seen by these hate-filled and self-righteous people who are behind so much of the misery caused by the anti-abortion groups, really have anything in common besides the name.

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